Super Polysteel acts as a barrier between your vehicle’s exterior finish and the harmful effects of environmental conditions. Its not a traditional zoomie, and has a design flaw, its heatsink (and the rest of the light) are encased in plastic, making it impervious to ano damage but not letting the heat out. Contact one of our F&I managers today! Anyone have this on their truck - does it help? The dealer offered PolySteel addon for $699 which comes with warranty on interior stains, burns, discoloration etc. I found a lot on “simonizing” which seems to be a glorified waxing. The price tag is ridiculous frankly. Steps to Apply a Touchless Car Paint Sealant. Has anyone got a second application? I know it is often foolish to purchase these extras, but I wanted to know if anyone has ideas on this product. Anyone else get this? Additionally, Super Polysteel Interior Formula lays down a breathable layer of polymer protection that encapsulates individual fabric fibers and forms a barrier against spills. Anyway, the polysteel was offered at $395 with a 5 year warranty. It's the same as windshield treatment, they apply a chemical to protect and strengthen it, if you get a … I'd be more impressed if it was a 2 or more week old application and had spent some time out in the weather. I got something called super polysteel with my purchase out of Las Vegas. 58.3 KB Views: 90. Never heard of Polysteel but I also have never heard of any detailer sticking up for any product applied at a dealership or other car reseller. Best of all, it can be applied by car care enthusiasts of all skill levels. Kind of curious about its characteristics. Super Polysteel also protects your interior finish from stains caused by accidental spills. Attachments. You want a clean surface before applying 303 Touchless Sealant. Shows how much I pay attention, because I just noticed this "Super Polysteel" sticker on the windshield. Coast Polysteel 600 taking apart This is not a common light so not sure if any BLF ers will have one, but its a 4AA zoomie that i’ve owned for a while. A certified IAS agent can install Super Polysteel at the site and train dealership personnel to apply the product. Any input would be appreciated. The Super Polysteel® Interior Formula is a blend of polymer fluids that have special dual band, broad spectrum UVA & B ray inhibitors, leaving lasting protection. jeep-srt-polysteel.jpg. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Coating is one of the more popular paint coatings thanks to its ease of application, excellent durability (up to 2 years!) Work only one panel at a time to ensure that you get the entire surface coated. I read that it’s also interior. My wife just bought a 2010 Mazda3 and of course the dealer offered the car paint protectant called “polysteel”. Dealerships remit a form every month listing Super Polysteel package and warranty sales along with payments for each warranty. Spray-on paint coatings are the easiest to apply. Leave the paint wet, spray the surface with clean water right before moving to step two. Super Polysteel® Advanced Formula System will keep your vehicle looking its best, inside and out, for years to come. Apply 303 Touchless Sealant. Wash the vehicle. and extremely high-gloss shine. Is it anything like a ceramic or a sealant on the exterior. Categories: Finance. Interested in the Super Polysteel protection plan? After your Super Polysteel application, you will receive a six-product maintenance kit in the mail to help you maintain the showroom look of your vehicle. Your detailer is likely going to want to at least run a polisher over the panels before applying the coating, that will remove it.