Donner Ridge. Click on a county in the navigation to see trails in that particular county. See chapter "Ypsilon Lake - Trail 21" in Johnson Books' Rocky Mountain National Park … We provide personalized attention and compassionate care to each person who chooses our services. Lumpy Ridge is a massive granite rock outcropping just to the north of Estes Park. Resident total population estimate (July 1) 2006 = 276,253. Blitzen the Ridge - Ypsilon. Depending on the strategy you choose, the day involves at least 10 miles of hiking and climbing, with at least seven thousand feet of cumulative elevation gain/loss. However, with careful route finding, there … When the sprinkles began Brian and Dan got tired of waiting for us and headed down to Donner Ridge. Trailhead: Lawn Lake Trailhead Elevation: 8,540' Destination Elevation: 10,559' Total Elevation Gain: 2,180' Total Roundtrip Miles: 9.4 From Chiquita to Ypsilon the trail is intermittent at times but again the route is easy to see and follow to the peak. Park: Ozark National Scenic Riverways. At Scheck & Siress, we specialize in providing solutions for adult and pediatric patients who use or require the use of orthotic, prosthetic, or pedorthic devices. ... my hair braided. This is a tough trail and there are portions that one must be comfortable with off trail hiking through rock fields and some mixed alpine/rock-field areas. Wildlife is quite abundant here; you can find deer, elk, black bears, foxes, coyotes, and even wild turkeys. Ypsilon Mountain, Blitzen Ridge [Ypsilon Mount - Blitzen Ridge] Andy Leach [Colorado] Reports about Blodgett (also in Colorado Peaks database) 17 Feb 2007 Blodgett Peak [route finding in the snow - 2nd try succeeds on Blodgett Peak] Patrick Lilly [Colorado] Reports about Bloody (also in California Peaks database) 26-27 Apr 2009 Cause of Death: Backcountry patrol, body found (August 6) (south slope of Mt. Its funny (in a sick and twisted way) how often the word "death" gets used as an adjective while climbing..."hey Buster, ailment are you on the death flake?" Resident total population estimate, net change - April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2006 = 24,759 abitanti I'm not quite sure which is which, so I called this the Donner Ridge and took a picture of it. Tombstone Ridge : Ypsilon Lake Trail Tombstone Ridge Hike via the Ute Trail Lawn Lake Backpacking Trip Trail Ridge Road and Hidden Valley Hike Beaver Mountain Hike: Trail Ridge ... Donner Pass Trail to Lookout Mountain: White Rock : White Rock and Cache la Poudre Wilderness HP Hike: Whiteley Peak : South and North Ryder Peaks: And this is actually the summit you can see. I was, like Jeff, hiking down alone from the summit of Ypsilon after meandering up the backs of Chapin and Chiquita. NPS trails map. The Lumpy Ridge Trail is located 1.7 miles from Estes Park, Colorado (CO) in Rocky Mountain National Park. Blitzen Ridge is a HUGE day. ... and continue on to gain views of the distant Mummy Range and Mount Ypsilon. Framed by the well-known Blitzen Ridge (5.4) and Donner Ridge (class 2/3), the face is split by the white thread of the Y Couloir, running up to Mt. Winter8000m. "That Death traverse was sooooo Upon cresting the ridge, you are granted this beautiful sight. A Mummy Range Weekend. There are two main ridges from Ypsilon: Blizter and Donner. NPS park map. Andy. This line is identified with four distinct gendarmes or “ridge towers” known as the four aces, and signifies the beginning of the route’s difficulties. Blitzen Ridge, Ypsilon Mountain . From here on out, I had to rely on visual cues. The pair had departed from the Lawn Lakes trailhead at 3:15 a.m. on the morning of March 16 with the intent of climbing Ypsilon via the Blitzen Ridge route and descending Donner Ridge to the south. Skip Navigation or scroll down to see trails in this county. Age: 51. Ypsilon Lake. A hare in winter colors. After much 3rd class scrambling Fabio and I reached the summit of Ypsilon Mountain at about 13:20 - nearly an hour after Brian and Dan. Chapin on the left, and point 12005 and Chiquita in front. about 2 months ago The Lost Lake Trail is located 8.3 miles from Estes Park, Colorado (CO) in Rocky Mountain National Park. County of Larimer (Colorado) Population data. They said they'd wait there for us unless the weather got really bad. The left branch is a Grade III line with a moderate angle (50-degree snow) and a difficult cornice at the end.

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